PengPod Brings a true Linux Tablet with Dual Boot

There are a number of Android tablets in the market, but very few of them are marketed as being purely open devices. There are some other manufacturers as well, who have taken a shot at creating Linux based tablets, but have never been popular. The open-source tablet ecosystem is dominated by Android, which provides an unmatched experience with its apps. However, PengPod might change this notion with its dual boot tablet, which runs on both Android and Linux.

This dual boot tablet is powered by an ARM Cortex A8 processor and has a MALI 400 GPU with OpenGL support. It runs on an 800 MHz DDR3 RAM extendable up to 1 GB. The PengPod supports a max of 2160p video playback, and has an USB port, an HDMI port and is quite powerful. The processor has a low power consumption for its specs, which gives it a high power efficiency. The Allwinner Linux kernel source is open source and is well maintained, and this has been a big help for the PengPod tablet.

The tablet is priced at $120 and it would not be wise to expect a Nexus 10 like finesse from this tablet. However, it is a great attempt, and they are running a fundraiser on Indiegogo that will go towards improving the project.

Our experience has proven it takes a lot of time to locate, research, build and run all the pieces needed for a working A10 Linux system. We are working to coalesce all these parts into a stable image so users can be up and running right away. Our time is precious and every hour we can avoid redoing something that already works is another we can spend hacking!

Learn more at Also, consider making a donation at this Indiegogo campaign.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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