Macpup Opera 2.0 is Launched – Fast Portable Linux

puppy-logoMacpup Opera is a   branch of Linux based on the famous Puppy Linux, which is known for it’s small size and portability. Puppy was designed to be able to run from a CD or portable flash drive. Macpup Opera takes the Puppy feature set and wraps it up in a beautiful and user friendly interface. The release of version 2.0 of this distro brings with it:

• e17 window manager
• Opera 10 web browser
• Gimp image editor
• Abiword word processor
• Gnumeric spreadsheet
• and dozens of other programs

In order to try out Macpup Opera, I downloaded the 163mb ISO live CD image and burned it to my 2Gb SD Flash card using Unetbootin. In a few minutes, I was running Macpup, and I had a nice little laugh, because it barked at me when it was done booting.

The first thing I had to do was to get my wifi network connected. I’ve always been disappointed with the networking wizard that comes with Puppy, but I’ve struggled with it often enough that I got it to recognize my network. Next, I opened the Opera web browser to see how it worked in Macpup.

I was amazed at the speed that I was getting compared to my Windows systems. Opera was surfing, paging, and refreshing faster than I’d ever seen it. This alone is a good reason for me to keep a copy of Macpup around. If my Windows PC ever crashes, I can always boot into a Puppy session for getting fixes off the web.

The Opera browser comes with it’s new Unity service and lots of desktop widgets that you’ll love playing with.

Instead of boring you with more details, here’s a video showing off this unique and completely free OS:

Link to video

For those who can’t see the video, here’s a screenshot:


This is one sweet looking little operating system and it’s sure to get a second glance as people pass by your PC.

Download Macpup Opera 2.0

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Many people won’t have any use for this unique Linux version. On the other hand, it’s small, fast, free and really pretty to watch. It’s a great place to start for those who’ve never used Linux before.


Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Microsoft Signs the Joomla Contributor Agreement

Joomla is a popular and open source CMS which also claims to be the world’s largest of its kind. Adding to its contributor list, is now Microsoft. Microsoft has recently signed the Joomla Contributor Agreement (JCA) which is the new general public license of the Joomla project. This will allow users see better compatibility of Joomla with IIS (Internet Information Services) and support for older versions.

Microsoft will start contributing to the Joomla project with new features included by Microsoft will be seen on the latest trunk builds shortly. It is expected that the agreement will let Joomla use the Windows ® Cache Extension for PHP in IIS. This is gives increased speed and efficiency.

Ryan Ozimek, the president of One Source matters said today,

We’ve always had a portion of our community that has been IIS-based, yet we haven’t been able to offer the ideal level of IIS support and integration. With the new agreement in place, Joomla! will not only offer tighter ties with IIS, but our community can better work with Microsoft to make improvements or address future engineering issues.

Joomla has been working closely with Microsoft for a long time now. It could include Joomla package in the Web Platform Installer. Microsoft also provides for environments to test applications.

X.Org Memory Leak Bug Fixed For Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

The release of Ubuntu 10.04 is just a few days away now. Though, this latest news of the X.Org memory leak has slightly dampened the spirit of the Ubuntu release. A bug which was affecting GLX version  1.4, was found at a crucial last moment in Debian. Read more about this bug at an  earlier post on Techie Buzz.

Ubuntu being a Debian based OS was affected equally. Being on the safe side, Ubuntu will now ship with an older version of GLX: version 1.2.  You can check this at the bug tracking page at launchpad.

About GLX,

GLX (initialism for “OpenGL Extension to the  X Window System”) provides the  binding connecting  OpenGL and the  X Window System: it enables programs wishing to use OpenGL to do so within a window provided by the X Window System.

(Via: Wikipedia)

About X.Org,

X.Org Server (commonly abbreviated to  Xorg Server or just  Xorg) refers to the  X server release packages stewarded by the  X.Org Foundation.

(Via:  Wikipedia)

As evident from above, GLX and X.Org manage the windowing system on a typical Linux desktop. The GLX patch, which  caused this crash of GLX 1.4 has been withdrawn by Debian and is no more available.

The Problem in Ubuntu

The actual problem the bug was causing in Ubuntu was a deallocation problem while running Clutter apps. After the patch released by Debian was removed, Ubuntu tried to apply its own patch to the memory leak problem. It even worked initially. Though, it was revealed later that the patch by Ubuntu failed to check the memory leak and only slowed it down making the PC considerably slow over time.

The Fix

Fall back to GLX 1.2.

(Via: WebUpd8)

Foss Friday: Ubuntu 10.04 RC, Memory Leak in X.Org on Ubuntu 10.04 RC, Ubuntu Shipping FREE CDs and more

This is Ubuntu’s week in FOSS and it is to stay this way till the launch of Ubuntu. Canonical has recently faced some problem relating to its flagship product Ubuntu which includes the next version. The version 10.04 of Ubuntu is around the corner and Ubuntu fans all over the world are gearing up for it.


  • Ubuntu 10.04 RC Release
  • Canonical  has just released the RC of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This marks the release candidate indicating that the product is due in time. Ubuntu 10.04 RC has all the final features that the final version of Ubuntu 10.04 will have. Want to download the RC? Get it here.

  • Memory Leak in X.Org on Ubuntu
  • This memory leak has resulted from a patch which was released to prevent GLX 1.4 crashes. Developers are unable to fix this and the GLX will possibly be rolled back to version 1.2. This problem is being considered urgent and is the top priority at Canonical right now. Read more at this post on Techie Buzz.

How To

  • How to get a free Ubuntu 10.04 CD if you are from UK
  • Ubuntu shipit is open but apparently, it is not shipping out any CDs currently. Although, there is an alternative way to get free Ubuntu CDs if you are in the UK. OS Disks is giving out free Ubuntu CDs at their shop. Simply go to this page and order a free CD. It looks like a shopping portal but the CD is free to buy. Unfortunately, it works only for people in the UK. Read more at OmgUbuntu!.

We are nearing the Ubuntu release and will do a full coverage of its release, download and features. Stay tuned.

Ubuntu 10.04 RC Release of Desktop, Netbook and Server Version

Ubuntu 10.04 RC was released yesterday and is available for download at the official Ubuntu release page. Head over to this page, navigate to the bottom and there, you will see a number of releases for you to choose from.

If you are interested in the DVD and the source CD, visit  this page instead. This includes most common Ubuntu custom distros featuring different desktop environments.

Please do not put the entire load on the main servers and user the download mirrors if possible. The list of download mirrors is also available. A common system requirement is 256 MB of RAM. If you own a newer Intel processor powered Mac system, good news is that you can install Ubuntu on it as well.

This page includes the server, netbook, alternative and the very common desktop version. The desktop version is also a Live CD so you can give Ubuntu a try and decide on whether to install the final version or not. This will not alter your current installations in any way.

A great software to consider when installing Ubuntu with Windows is Wubi. If you want to try Ubuntu inside Windows, go for Windows Ubuntu Installer Wubi. It makes Ubuntu easy to install and does not make any major changes in the boot-loader.

My suggestion is that, with the final version only a few days away, you should wait for the final version though surely, give this RC a try.

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Hit By Major Memory Leak Problem

With less than about a week left till the final release and a day till the Release Candidate, Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx has been hit by a very serious memory leak problem involving X.Org.

Last week, the Lucid repository  received  an update for X.Org Server to enable GLX 1.4. This update in X.Org Server resulted is some crashes and as a result another patch was introduced to fix the crash. This update to fix the crash has resulted in a major memory leak which causes the system to get slower and slower until it becomes completely sluggish and unusable.

This problem is currently being considered “Urgent” and the attempts by the Ubuntu developers to fix this issue have been unsuccessful so far. In order to fix the problem in time for the final release, the developers are considering rolling back the patches, including the one which enables GLX 1.4. This will mean going back to GLX 1.2.

[via ubuntu-dev mailing list]

Ubuntu Shipit is Open, Request Your Free Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx CD Now

Ubuntu has a system of sending live CDs to enthusiastic users who order it online. This time as well, we have Ubuntu 10.04 live CDs shipping for free through Ubuntu Shipit. To order your free copy of the Ubuntu live CD, visit the Shipit homepage.


You have options to choose between the desktop and the server version. You can also check the status of your order at the link given on the homepage. The request link takes you to a page where you need to login and place your order.

The delivery will take up to 10 weeks and if you have a fast internet connection, you should consider downloading your copy instead of ordering a CD.

The release of the final product is only 12 days from now . If you are enthusiastic about it and want to spread the word, you can place a countdown timer on your website. Get the countdown timer here.

FOSS Friday: Lightworks Goes Open-source, Oracle halts Free OpenSolaris CD And More

This week has been profitable for Open Source. We have seen the open sourcing of two software products and a lot more.


  • Lightworks, an Academy Award winning software goes open-source
  • Lightworks is an academy award winning non-linear video editor. It has recently been open sourced by the holding company Editshare. Editshare has released Lightworks as a platform. This allows developers to write code for Lightworks plugins as well. We had covered the news of this open-sourcing. Also see  OMG!Ubuntu.

  • Nvidia Releases First OpenGL 4.0 Driver
  • Nvidia has released its first OpenGL driver for Linux. This driver is labelled and will support all Fermi GPUs. The deprecated functionalities of older drivers will not be discarded though. Read more here.

  • On2 might become open-source, thanks to Google
  • Newteevee has shed light on the possible open-sourcing of the On2 video codec Google acquired earlier this year. Currently, H.264 and Ogg Theora are fighting to get the open-web standard. If this goes through, Google will introduce an unbeatable contender in the video codec race. Read more here.

  • Oracle stops free OpenSolaris CD. Will others follow?
  • Oracle has stopped distributing free OpenSolaris CDs. Though, you can still download the CD image from the website. The OpenSolaris community is also planning on forking OpenSolaris. Read more at the H-Online.

How To

  • Connect Tata Photon Whiz of Plug2Surf in Linux
  • Connecting Tata Photon Whiz with Linux is easy. You just need to install wvdial and proceed with the tutorial given here.

Lightworks: Academy And Emmy Award Winner Software Goes Open-source [Linux Software]

Academy ® and Emmy ® award-winning video editing software Lightworks has gone Open Source. The non-linear video editing software has been released as a platform and offers support for user-developed plugins. This also allows developers to sell the plugins they have created. Lightworks has a centralized marketplace to manage this.

Lightworks supports resolution and codec independent editing of videos. It also supports live video editing and has many effects to choose from.

Apparently, Editshare did not create Lightworks but just acquired it.  EditShare writes on the open-sourcing at its official blog saying,

EditShare ®, the technology leader in cross-platform collaborative editing and shared media storage, unveiled plans for the newly acquired Lightworks solution at the NAB 2010 exhibition on opening day. The company has transformed the time-honored editing solution into Lightworks Open Source, the industry’s first open-source development initiative for a large-scale, non-linear editing (NLE) platform. A departure from standard 3rd-party developer programs that limit access, the Lightworks Open Source platform offers an unprecedented gateway into the NLE’s core engine, enabling a wide-range of creative developers to implement forward-thinking features and workflows.

The  announcement  has just been made and it will be another two to three months before the software is available for free download.

Nvidia Releases OpenGL 4.0 Linux Drivers

OpenGL was released just a month days ago. Now, Nvidia has released its latest OpenGL Linux driver with full support for OpenGl 4.0 on GeForce GTX 480/470. In addition to this, Nvidia has also release four new OpenGL extensions which provides additional capabilities to developers.


There was some initial delay in the delivery of this driver because of the lack of any supported hardware at Nvidia. The linux driver is available as the driver version

This new version of OpenGL still supports the older API. Moreover, Nvidia will still support older versions of OpenGL on older and future hardware. Nvidia has also assured that deprecated functionalities will run on the new version as good as the older version. Read more at the official release notes.

The new features in OpenGL 4.0 require a Fermi GPU to run completely. The GeForce GTX 470 and 480 graphics cards fall under this category.

With the release of this driver, Nvidia is finally catching up with AMD which has had a driver with OpenGL support for quite some months now.

(Via: Phoronix)