Overwhelming Response Crashes Raspberry Pi Website

Raspberry Pi is a revolutionary idea from the Raspberry Foundation in the UK. The idea started in 2006 and has been under development for six years. The hardware for Raspberry Pi is open source and its plans can be downloaded online. Like the FXI Cotton Candy we covered a few hours ago, the Raspberry Pi too supports both USB and HDMI. However, the Raspberry Pi device costs pretty low, and the closest competitor from the One Laptop per Child project is priced at $100.

Yesterday, the foundation launched two Raspberry Pi devices, one priced at $25 and another for $35. The tech specs reads as a Broadcom BCM2835 SoC that includes a 700 MHz ARM 11 processor, 256 MB RAM and a VideoCore IV GPU. Although there is no built-in storage, it requires an SD card for storage and booting. The device supports Python, C and Perl. It is designed to run flavors of Linux.

After a wait period of six years, the response was so overwhelming that the Raspberry Pi website crashed under heavy load. They came back with an announcement, saying,

We’ve temporarily changed to a static site, while we’re experiencing a very high level of traffic for the launch of the Raspberry Pi. The full site will return once traffic levels have subsided, hopefully later on today. For up-to-the-minute news on what’s happening, follow @Raspberry_Pi on Twitter.

Raspberry Pi had 10,000 devices for the first sale lot. They identified two sellers Premier Farnell and RS Components out of which, Premier Farnell have sold out and RS Components will ship only in the UK.

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