Oracle Asks Founders Of The Documents Foundation To Leave

After Oracle acquired SUN Microsystem, some leading members of the community forked as LibreOffice. They also set up The Document Foundation to continue the independent works of the community.

However, Oracle is not taking their move well. They want the founders of The Documents Foundation to leave the council. According to Oracle, their works with The Documents Foundation and LibreOffice will conflict with that of

In many FOSS projects there is usually a free exchange of codes and ideas between the original project and the forked one. There is however little or no competition between them. The fact that Oracle mentions conflict of interest suggests that they see LibreOffice as a competitor and that they want tighter control over the direction that takes.

LibreOffice already has backing from a lot of companies including Google, Red Hat, Canonical and Novell. Moreover Mark Shuttleworth has also said that future releases of Ubuntu will ship with LibreOffice, not

So, for now LibreOffice seems to be winning; although the developers will in all likelihood get kicked out from a project they have been working on for years.


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  • Oracle is making a bad move with their recent lawsuit vs Google and their attitude toward LibreOffice and the open source community. They think the only people they are alienating are hobbyists and individual open source zealots. But they’re wrong – businesses and government organizations that utilize open source shy away from those companies who attack open source. As long as I keep my current position in my organization, they can forget about getting any business from us.

  • Evan

    “although the developers will in all likelihood get kicked out from a project they have been working on for years.”

    I would say rather, that will be losing developers that have provided many years of contributions. The developers will still be working on the same code base they always have, it will now just be going to LIbreOffice instead of

    After the lack luster success of Unbreakable, you would think Oracle would have figured this stuff out.

  • lucky

    “Moreover Mark Shuttleworth has also said that future releases of Ubuntu will ship with LibreOffice, not”

    This is not big news. Today Ubuntu is already *NOT* distributing, but See details at: is fork of OpenOffice made by Novel. Actually LiberOffice is just a fork that continues work of with “special” board “Document Fundation”.

    But you got to know that 80% of code contribution to is done by Oracle. 19% is done by other companies like IBM, Google etc. and less then 1% is done by volunteers.

    Oracle is piss-off that someone else would like to take control of OpenOffice direction (like Novel in its Suse Linux distribution).

  • Sum Yung Gai

    ‘Scuze me…this code, whether you call it or LibreOffice, is Free Software! GNOME and KDE are “competitors” too, but I know at least one guy who works on both of them. What the Oracle bosses don’t get is that the Free Software world works differently than their proprietary world. In our world, we share. In their world, they sue.

    If Oracle are actually serious about the success of the code and ODF, they would have welcomed “The Document Foundation” and joined it, not try to wall off from the rest of the Free world. And that’s just the path that it looks like they’re on.

  • MzK

    Again, you’ve got it wrong! This applies to members of the Community Council in ONLY — the folks on the governing body — NOT the developers! This makes sense to me. It’s obvious that current Council Members who are also a part of the newly established Document Foundation simply do not have’s best interest at heart, or they wouldn’t have joined the other group. No, there is nothing wrong with ANYONE being involved in more than one open source entity, even competing ones, but it’s probably not the best move to be involved in governance of two well, possibly, competing entities.

    Really, why can’t any of the recent so-called articles I’ve read on any of this, get things straight! This request is not aimed at developers!

  • bdeary

    Only one who wins in the short term in Microsoft and Office 20xx. I hope this resolves quickly so one of these versions of openOffice will continue to thrive. Do we also need to worry about mySql?

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  • daniel

    What’s going to happen to virtualbox? I just hope this great software doesn’t shift in the wrong direction. It’s sad to see what are the intentions of oracle.