Get Opera 10 For Ubuntu [Linux]

Ubuntu comes bundled with Firefox as the default web browser. Firefox, with all it’s addons and customizations, is a great browser in itself, but it’s toll on the memory is a big annoyance at times. For those suffering from this, you can try out the Opera web browser for Ubuntu.

Opera 10
Opera 10

Opera has always been an innovative web browser and has a rapid growth in the browser sector. It has in built support for many of the features offered by many Firefox plugins. Opera has an extremely smooth tab switching and has introduced a revolutionary feature of Opera Turbo in it’s version 10, which is an unmatched integrated-into-browser technology to speed up web browsing.

Today, Opera has unveiled the final build of version 10 of it’s web browser and it is available both for windows as well as for Linux.

Opera 10 has some new features, like visual tabs showing a page preview on the tab, automatic memory management depending on system resources and a lot more. You can get a detailed overview of these features at Pallab’s blog post on Opera 10-new features.

Currently, Opera 10 is available as a package for all major Linux versions like Ubuntu, Mandriva, Slackware, Suse, Mint, Fedora, Gento etc.

To get the Opera 10 package for Ubuntu or for any Linux platform, visit the Opera 10 download page for Linux .

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