openSUSE 11.2 Released With KDE 4.3 [Linux]


Yesterday, Novell released a  new core update to it prime Linux Distribution, openSUSE, raising the bar to 11.2. The new release brings with it several core updates, newer versions of Gnome and KDE, and numerous updated packages. The spotlight feature of this release has to be none other than KDE 4.3, which is regarded as a quite significant leap in terms of stability and speed from its previous versions.

opensuse kde desktop

openSUSE KDE 4.3

The KDE window manager now comes as default, although you can choose between Gnome and XFCE while installing the system. It comes with Gnome 2.28 and if you choose to get the lightweight XFCE environment, you will get the 4.6.1 version. Well, that’s enough of numbers to munch, the rest is all obvious and can be explained in one word: Updated’.

opensuse gnome

openSUSE Gnome 2.28

Networking support has been improved for the operating system and adding to that, 11.2 also comes pre-packed with social networking clients Gwibber and Choqok (Microblogging), so you won’t feel Twitter-less the moment you land on a freshly installed desktop. The desktop experience has been tweaked like never before and things have been made simpler and easy to find. Coming to things done under the hood, you can now encrypt you entire hard disk, take advantage of the newer and better EXT4 filesystem and manage remote openSUSE webservers with WebYast, that lets you administer your SUSE servers remotely.

openSUSE 11.2 is available in several options of KDE, Gnome, 32bit or 64bit. Grab your copy from here.

Via the openSuse News Blog. Thanks to LinuxCritic for the timely images.

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