OpenSolaris 2010.03: Are we There Yet?

Oracle had recently assured OpenSolaris fans that it will keep the OpenSolaris project alive. However, it is not quite living up to this announcement.


The announcement which was made on should have ensured the availability of OpenSolaris to the public but has failed to do so. The statement of the announcement was,

Oracle will continue to make OpenSolaris available as open source, and Oracle will continue to actively support and participate in the community.

OpenSolaris 2010.02 was scheduled to release in February this year but was already pushed to March once. Now, we are nearing the end of March and OpenSolaris 2010.03, scheduled to be released in early March is still not there. Neither has Oracle bothered to release an official statement on this continuous delay, nor has it communicated to the OpenSolaris community.

OpenSolaris has already survived rumors of death at Oracle once. Back then, Oracle has done its bid to come clean in this matter and ensuring a future for this Unix fork. Though, this negligence will cost Oracle the trust of an active group of users and developers. It is time Oracle releases a statement and at least ensures the arrival of a possible OpenSolaris 2010.04.
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  • I remember that the last release was made until the last days. Right now it's kind of hard because Oracle take position of the software. And I think new changes has to be made in that way it will work with oracle software. I prefer to wait one more month in that way they release a better user friendly, because even for me it was kind difficult to install flash player.

  • I hope to see OpenSolaris fork soon. I think it is time that the project stands on its own.

  • thebestpcs

    Oracle has plenty of money at its disposal and the fact that the new release has been delayed makes me want to change my game plan for my business. This is a major development group and for Oracle to simply blow it off, well so can we. Easily……