OOoCon: Conference 2011

The first OOoCon was held way back in 2003 at Germany and since then, it has made a huge impact on the growth and promotion of This time too, the conference is to be held at Hungary. The conference mark a milestone of another year for the and its success in a world of MS Office.

The OOoCon describes the conference as,

Hosting OOoCon is challenging, rewarding, exhilarating, exhausting, and can provide a huge publicity boost for in your country. There is no fixed date for OOoCon, although we prefer an autumn date.

The next venue for the conference needs to be decided and there is a open proposal system just for that. The proposal needs to be sent  before midnight UTC on Sunday February 21st 2010 and should include some mandatory informations like date which is preferably in Autumn, the availability of conference technologies, transportation etc.

All proposals need to be sent to [email protected] before the above mentioned deadline. You can check some data on previous OOoCon and review some sample proposals.

Budapest is already gearing up for the next conference. If you want to host the next OOoCon at your city, send in your proposal and help OO flourish.

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