NScripts Nautilus Script Package

I have already covered Nautilus scripts with a post on image editing nautilus scripts. Nscript is another nautilus script package I found at gtk-apps.org. It deals in general file operations like moving files, copying files and so forth.


NScript is a set of Nautilus scripts from nanolx.org. This set includes scripts for:

  • Apt: performs some operations with apt-get
  • ckhmd5: check md5 checksum
  • copy to: copies files to a selected location
  • mkmd5: create a md5 checksum
  • move to: move files to a selected location
  • openInGedit: open a file in gedit
  • RootOpenInGedit: open with root privilege
  • SetAsWallpaper: set the selected file as a wallpaper
  • WhichPKG: tells the package a file is from

This is only a stripped down list. There are numerous scripts in the package. These scripts need some dependency packages to function properly. They include sed, bash, zenity, shred, md5sum, nautilus, gawk, grep and gksu.

Get the script at this page. Total size of the scripts is 5 KB.

All you need to do is unpack the archive and move the files to  ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/. This will install the scripts. To access the scripts, bring up the right click context menu and perform the desired operations.

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