New Gwibber Mock-Up Aims To Unclutter It

Gwibber is the microblogging client that is included with Ubuntu 10.04 by default. It is much more than just a simple microblogging client, as the number of services it supports is unprecedented. And this is what creates a problem for Gwibber – its interface is too complex and looks too cluttered.

Neil Patel has come up with a very interesting mock-up which may solve this problem. Neil Patel is the Technical Lead Ubuntu Netbook Edition and Unity, Desktop Experience Team, Canonical Ltd. According to Patel, these are the main challenges that Gwibber faces:

  1. Support multiple accounts from different services, presenting the information in one stream to the user.
  2. Be able to filter the main view to one account (i.e. choosing to only see Twitter-related material in the views).
  3. Integrate into many different desktops, but still try to have its own identity.

So, to improve the user experience in Gwibber, he has burrowed some ideas from other microblogging clients on other platforms, and came up with these:

As amazing as this mock-up are, there has been no words on if it will actually be implemented. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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