New GNOME Shell Mockup Looks Good – But Is It Better?

Yesterday it was announced that  GNOME 3.0 is delayed till next year. The extra time has given the Shell Developers some more time to play around with new concepts and they have come up a new mockup. Here are the new mockups:

This new mockup, no doubt, looks a lot better than the current Shell interface. Currently Shell is very clunky and very unusable in my opinion.

However, the new mockup still looks like it will be workflow nightmare. In the second picture, it looks like you have to click on the Windows tab to see the open windows. (Someone correct me If I am wrong.) This step unnecessarily requires two or possibly more clicks for something that can be done with just one right now.

And is it just me or does anyone else notice a strong resemblance to the Jolicloud user interface?

Another thing that I cannot understand is the huge application icons. In devices with small screen, the kind which Jolicloud and Ubuntu Netbook Edition are intended for, large icons can be useful. But GNOME Shell is not intended only for devices with small screen. I think that using this interface on a large monitor will be a real pain.

I tested GNOME Shell way back when it was very new and was not impressed by it then. I tested it again last month and still did not like it. This mockup looks good, no doubt, but it still feels unusable to me and it seems they have not resolved the workflow issue which many have been pointing out since Shell became available.

What do you think? Let us know.

[image credit: WebUpd8]

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