New Features that Rock in Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Edition

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Desktop Edition will be here soon and has a list of some exciting new features. If you have ever used Ubuntu before, you will be able to tell, this is the best Ubuntu distro ever.  Here are quite a few reasons to use this latest product.

The boot speed brags

A test conducted by Phoronix in December 2009 reported that Ubuntu 10.04 should break another boot barrier in its product lineup. The 10.04 beta version booted in 24 seconds on a Dell Mini 9 as compared to 54 seconds of Karmic Koala. Since then, Ubuntu has included the latest kernel and has also applied a Moblin patch. Moblin, as we know boots extremely fast and Ubuntu will get a share of that boot speed. Another improvement, the removal of HAL will be a major factor behind boot enhancement as HAL takes up a considerable amount of time to load and is the biggest boot hog apart from NFS.

The MeMenu is all about you

The new MeMenu designed my Mark Shuttleworth included in the panel will appeal to all social networking junkies. Ubuntu has never been this right. With a larger section of Internet users, at times, being there for the sole purpose of socializing, the MeMenu will completely rock. MeMenu provides an integrated access to all you social channels on Digg, Twitter, Facebook and good old messengers like MSN, Google Talk and the Stone Age IRC.

Gnome improvements

Gnome in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid is of the latest version and it has a new and improved Nautilus which looks classy. New features have been included in Empathy and Tomboy notes can now be synchronized to the cloud. Copy-pasting of rich HTML is also supported now. The full changelog is available at this page.

Ubuntu One Music Sync and File Store to make you feel at home

Ubuntu One is Ubuntu’s desktop integration for online services. It lets you sync your files, directories, bookmarks and contacts anytime and anywhere. Now, access your files on the fly and purchase and listen to music from 7Digital  right within your favorite music players with Ubuntu Music Store. The PC is now all about Personal Computing.

Better nVidia Support for viewing pleasures

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx has an improved support for nVidia graphics drivers. The Nouveau video driver is the default on Ubuntu with Lucid and this new driver has better resolution detection. This driver is being developed upstream and this will ensure better support. Drivers already supporting this are available as nvidia-current (190.53),  nvidia-173, and  nvidia-96.

Apart from this, there is a new kernel based on the version and the all new KDE SC 4.4 for Kubuntu. The version of popular software products like Firefox is also expected to be seen.

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