New Features added to Fedora 13

The complete list of Fedora 13 features are less than a month away from being finalized. This next release of Fedora, has been under development from even before the release of Fedora 12. One primary addition to the feature list is seen as the Btrfs file system. Even as the release is a few days away, features are continuously being added to the next release.

A recent meeting of FESCo (Fedora Engineering Steering Committee) has added a few more awesome features to Fedora 13.

KDE version 4.4 will be officially available in  Fedora 13. The next release will also include the latest version of the Sugar Learning Environment and Xfce desktop environment. As evident, these features have been added and need to be worked upon immediately. The recent changes being carried out are in the features of Gnome Color Manager, on demand printer driver installation and may others. Surprisingly, even when all these developments are being made, Btrfs which has been decided on ages ago has seen no development at all and no work has been started on the project yet. The feature will most likely be pushed to Fedora 14 release.

The first Alpha release of Fedora 13 is expected in early March following the final release sometime in May.

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