Moonlight – Silverlight alternative for Linux

Moonlight, which is an alternative to Microsoft Silverlight on Linux platforms has hit a public beta of it’s new milestone version 2.


Moonlight 2.0 Beta1 is supposedly feature complete and also supports other Unix/X11 systems. For better portability of Silverlight applications to Linux, it uses some of the Silverlight  APIs too. The new version 2.0 indicates that Moonlight is now compatible with all Silverlight 2.0 applications.

The development of Moonlight is backed by Novell and Microsoft, who have entered a technical collaboration deal. This gives Moonlight access to Silverlight test suites and licensed audio and video codecs.

After it’s launch in 2007, the Moonlight project has come this far in a very fast pace. But, it still lacks that attention, as Moonlight is going to support Silverlight 2.0 in an alpha stage when we already have Silverlight 3.0 out in the market. Also, the support for Silverlight is not up to the mark, it never will be with such limited APIs.

The feature is currently available as a Firefox plugin currently.

Download it here.

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