Linux Mint Wallpaper Challenge

Linux Mint has organized a Wallpaper Challenge through its podcast, episode 28 at The prizes on offer are an IBM R51 for the first prize and IBM R40 for the second prize. Both the laptops will come with Linux Mint pre-installed.

The competition is vote based, so the entries with the higher votes will determine the winners. You are required to create an original wallpaper.  Accepted file formats are jpg, bmp and png. The wallpaper you create can have elements borrowed from other images or wallpapers. In such a case, you need to make sure the license on the image allows republishing. Also, provide a link to the original content along with your submission. The images should be in wide-screen 2560×1600 or full-screen 1600×1200 resolution.

All entries are to be submitted before 1st February 2010 and to [email protected] The results will be out after the second week of February. For the first fifteen days of February, a poll will be put up to decide on the winner.

You can also post the wallpapers on wallpaper sharing sites like gnome-look and desktopnexus. The wallpaper should obviously be free of any nudity, controversial or violent content. Good luck to those participating.

For more info, visit this post at Mint forum.

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