Minitunes – Yet Another Music Player?

The developer of Minitube, the desktop YouTube player for Linux, has revealed a new music player called Minitunes. There are innumerable music players players available for Linux; many of them no different from the other. Does Minitune stand out or is it just another one of those music players?

Since it is the first release, Minitunes lacks so many features that people usually take for granted in other music players. (No! playing music is not a feature it lacks. :p) If I were to list all the features that Minitunes lack, the list would be a very long one. So, I am going to list just the major features that it still lacks.


There is no way you can search for a song in your library or in the playlist. Simply put, Minitunes does not have any kind of search functionalities yet. Integration integration is one of the chief features many people (including myself) look for in a music player. It allows the world to see what you are listening to. Minitunes does not have yet.

Media Device Support

Minitunes does not have the ability to sync with other media devices.

Music Library

The music library in Minitunes is currently very feature-limited. You have only one directory in the library right now. This means if you have your music in two locations like /disk1/music/ and disk2/music/. You can only add one of the two but not both.

So far I have listed only the shortcomings of Minitunes, so it must be “one-of-those-music-players” and a bad one at that, right?

Actually no. Yes Minitunes lacks so many features and I am not going to start using it anytime soon. But that is expected since this is the first release. And it certainly is not just one of the music players which does the same thing. It actually brings something new.

The best thing about Minitubes is its interface. It is visually one of the best interfaces I have seen in a music player. The Minitunes developer have managed to bring a new innovative interface which unclutters everything so that you can enjoy your music. In times it will have most of the features that it currently lacks. It certainly is one music player which holds a lot of promise and one which I will be following enthusiastically.

Minitunes is not yet available in the PPA. But you can use it by downloading the binary from here. It is available for Mac too. Windows version is also expected later on.

So, go ahead try it out. Tell us (and the developer) what you think.

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Ricky Laishram

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