Microsoft Signs the Joomla Contributor Agreement

Joomla is a popular and open source CMS which also claims to be the world’s largest of its kind. Adding to its contributor list, is now Microsoft. Microsoft has recently signed the Joomla Contributor Agreement (JCA) which is the new general public license of the Joomla project. This will allow users see better compatibility of Joomla with IIS (Internet Information Services) and support for older versions.

Microsoft will start contributing to the Joomla project with new features included by Microsoft will be seen on the latest trunk builds shortly. It is expected that the agreement will let Joomla use the Windows ® Cache Extension for PHP in IIS. This is gives increased speed and efficiency.

Ryan Ozimek, the president of One Source matters said today,

We’ve always had a portion of our community that has been IIS-based, yet we haven’t been able to offer the ideal level of IIS support and integration. With the new agreement in place, Joomla! will not only offer tighter ties with IIS, but our community can better work with Microsoft to make improvements or address future engineering issues.

Joomla has been working closely with Microsoft for a long time now. It could include Joomla package in the Web Platform Installer. Microsoft also provides for environments to test applications.

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