Microsoft playing the- Good Cop Bad Cop

Some of you might know Miguel de Icaza from the Mono project and some of you might know him as the guy who was not allowed to host a session at the Microsoft’s 2005 Developer Conference. That was because he wanted to talk about Mono and Microsoft did not. So he drew a considerable crowd at a nearby location outside the conference and talked about it anyway.

Since then, Mono has flourished.We have FSpot, Tomboy notes, all developed in Mono. And even as all this happens, Microsoft has also shown some positive interest in Mono.

Since then, Microsoft has shown a liberal approach and is constantly trying to pacify many FOSS enthusiasts who love to hate it.

In an attempt to make things better, Microsoft contributed code to Linux (for its own good), has an open source project Codeplex (where it probably pays developers to code) and now, it wants to award Miguel de Icaza as a MVP! We also know that ¬†Miguel de Icaza is at Codeplex too and works on Moonlight there is a member of the Board of Directors. [ Moonlight is a project being developed at Novell and He was awarded as a “Most Valued Professional” for C#.NET.

In response to this,  Miguel de Icaza wrote on his blog saying,

This is Pretty Sweet(tm). This will be a great opportunity to build more bridges with Windows developers and show them that there is an ECMA CLI life in the other side of the OS spectrum.

Let us hope something good comes out of this and Miguel de Icaza succeeds in his aim.

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