Microsoft Develops a Soft Corner for Open Source and Linux

Microsoft has continuously been apprehensive about Open Source and Linux. It detests Open Source like anything and Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft has gone to the extent of  calling Linux a “cancer”. However, that was ten years ago and as time changes, people change too.

Apparently, Microsoft has decided to change its outlook of Linux and has started spreading the message of “We love Open Source”!  The person behind this change is Jean Paoli, General Manager of Microsoft’s interoperability strategy team at Microsoft.

However, we should not forget that Microsoft also has 200 patent infringement lawsuits running against Linux. It cannot continue both these processes for sure.

Clear signs of this change can be seen from the fact that Microsoft already respects Mono developers and actively supports the development of oData and Azure. It has released Development environments for PHP and Java programmers as against earlier support only for .NET developers.

Clearly, Microsoft is trying to bring about some change. Whether it is in real or just for the namesake cannot be decided yet. However, we can surely speculate that if done correctly, this will bridge the gap between two software development communities at war and will make the software world a better place.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

Chinmoy Kanjilal is a FOSS enthusiast and evangelist. He is passionate about Android. Security exploits turn him on and he loves to tinker with computer networks. You can connect with him on Twitter @ckandroid.