Microsoft Interested In Buying Canonical

According to a leaked company memo, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is reportedly interested in buying Canonical, the company behind the popular Linux Distro Ubuntu.

Canonical is responsible for bringing bringing Linux to the masses with its distro Ubuntu, whose main focus is on improved usability and stability. Since its introduction in 2004, Ubuntu has gone on to become the most popular Linux distro and has been increasing its user-base at the expense of Micosoft’s Windows Operating System.

According to a leaked memo, Microsoft considers Linux as the main competitor to its flag-ship product, Windows, and is concerned by the number of people who are turning away from Windows to Linux. Microsoft thinks that this is because of Ubuntu and wants to end it by acquiring Canonical. Here is the screenshot of the memo that we recieved:

Neither Microsoft nor Canonical has not made any official statement regarding this yet. But one thing that is for sure is that this is the Open-Source community’s worst nightmare and they will be furious.

Happy April Fools Day Folks!

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Ricky Laishram

Ricky Laishram is a Linux and FOSS enthusiast. He is passionate about open source technologies and likes to keep abreast with the latest developments in KDE and Ubuntu. He also loves listening to music and is a huge Tegan snd Sara fan. You can follow him on twitter @ricky_lais.

  • Ubudog

    It says "THIS IS A FAKE" Good one you guys. Happy April Fools everyone!

  • manny


    CANONICAL DONT SELL PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    i dont want to use vista again ;(

    • Why Vista when there is already Windows 7.

      Happy April Fools Day mate :)

  • Indian Art

    You got me there for a moment!

    My heart sank, wondering will Mark Shuttleworth sell before Lucid Lynx is launched. I want it badly without burning a hole in my pocket.

    Knowing M$ they would probably charge $250 at least for that fine version.

  • D.G

    Where is the philosophy of healthy competition in the free market economy??????

  • Sassinak

    That would be absolutely fantastic! I am absolutely certain that M. Shuttleworth would not sell out, and that many Linux users would find 10$ just to support Canonical in its resistance. Am I not right ?

  • Nice one Ricky..! I was this post with full interest thinking about why would Microsoft by Canonical..! Hehe.. :)

  • Good April Fool's Day joke. Good eye to the guy who noticed the 'This is a fake' note in the screenshot url. I would not have noticed this, but the news seem quite fishy. While it used to be quite common practice for MS to buy out their competitors, they wouldn't do it in such an obvious way.

  • duh

    Just an April Fool’s Day joke, whew!!

  • Queixa

    Good and it's about time! What Ubuntu has needed is to be loaded down with bloatware, adware, viruses, bugs, security holes, and overpriced software! I've been waiting for a Linux distribution to make computing a nightmare again, and Ubuntu/Windows is just the combination to make it happen. What will it be called? Winbuntu? Ubundos? (You got me. I was ready to start switching my computer over to Fedora.)

  • Sean

    The thing that threw it for me was that the browser used was chrome… I figured Microsoft drones would be forced by lash and blade to use explorer

  • The beauty…. is the irony… and the truth….

    Ubuntu Linux is ONE problem that Microsoft cannot BUY away…

    If they were to buy Canonical…. It's all open source….

    So there'd be a brand new distro tomorrow, called…


    or even better….


    ….which would be an identical clone of Ubuntu 10.04

    ….and development would continue without even a single hiccup.


  • gpdas

    i just came to the post as i got curious because of the title. once i went through the attached image i got this is fake. :D

    check the spelling and grammar in the letter, mate.