Measure Your System Boot Performance With Bootchart

The boot up process on Linux can get pretty messed up sometimes due to a slow driver-load, a driver search, a slow process startup etc. Bootchart is a simple application for Linux which lets you check your boot up performance. It aggregates the resource utilization and information of various processes using a script running in the boot up and creates an image through a java application after bootup.


This result can be checked for possible optimizations and analyzing processes.

To install Bootchart, just run the command :

sudo apt-get install bootchart

The result gives detailed information on process CPU utilization. It is seen that Laptops lack a floppy drive but the floppy-drive driver load takes four seconds on some systems. In Ubuntu, cupsys, the print utility takes a long time to load and creates a hog during boot up. For installation of the software and more such results, visit the project homepage at : Bootchart Homepage

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