Mandriva Claims It Is Still Alive, We Say It Is In A Never Ending Limbo

The future of Mandriva is unclear and it is more likely to die alone. However, recently, the Mandriva project has claimed that it still has some blood left to fight. To have a better picture, here is a series of events that usurped this reaction.

Firstly, Mandriva is almost regarded as dead by many and this notion is fueled by the birth of Mageia, a fork of Mandriva that also claims Mandriva’s death and has declared itself as the successor. It already claims support from earlier employees and this you can see more on this fork at its  official website.

The Mandriva mailing list gets serious on this matter and a direct question is posed. This can be found  here.

Mandriva has responded by saying that it is going strong and will now focus on the ARM architecture for tablets and low-power PCs. It is also developing a cloud solution and is hiring around twenty developers in Brazil. The statement on the official blog appeared  here. According to it, Mandriva has recovered from a huge debt.

The question to ask here is whether Mandriva is actually in a state to continue or it is trying to cling to some false hopes. As far as I know, it was acquired by Linagora and we covered it a few days ago too. What is the guarantee that this this situation will not repeat? Will it at all be able to handle the situation in future? What led Mandriva to make this resurrection? Until these questions are answered, I doubt Mandriva will get back its reliability.


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