Lubuntu Adds Indicator Applet

Lubuntu, the LXDE based Ubuntu variant, did not make it to Lucid Lynx but it seems like it is set for a good debut with Maverick Meerkat.

Lubuntu developer, Julien Lavergne, have announced in the Lubuntu mailing list that the Indicator Applet will make an  appearance  in Lubuntu 10.10.

The indicator applet is the envelop that you see in the top panel in Ubuntu 10.04. It is introduced in Ubuntu 10.04 to tidy up the desktop by having the IM client, email client, microblogging client etc. under one icon.

This is what the indicator applet will look like in Lubuntu according to the image posted by Julien Lavergne:

By default the indicator applet will not be enabled by default due to memory considerations. (After all Lubuntu is meant to be light weight).

The indicator applet is not available yet but Julien Lavergne says that it will be available soon in either the Lubuntu PPA or the Maverick repo.

[via: OMG! Ubuntu!]

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