Linux Runs In Sony PS3 Again – After Jailbreaking

A few months back, Sony decided to clamp down on people using the Play Station 3 to run other operating systems – Linux for example. It angered a lot of people and some even filed a lawsuit. But Sony stuck with their decision to keep Linux out of the PS3.

Well, it seems like some hacker have jailbroken the Sony Play Station 3 and have managed to get Linux running on it again. To do this they have come up with a usb dongle called PS Jailbreak. Apparently it bypasses the PS3 security mechanism and allows users to boot Linux in the gaming console. It also disables the forced updates and works in all regions.

Running Linux does not seem to be the only trick up the PS Jailbreak’s sleeve. It is also said to be able to back-up games to the internal hard drive or an external hard drive. This eliminates the need for expensive Blue-ray burners and disks.

To do this, however, you will need to buy the PS Jailbreak. They are currently taking pre-orders and the price is around $150 for a unit. (We are not going to post the link to buy it here because some are claiming it is a hoax and we cannot confirm if it is a hoax or real.)

Some people are calling it a fake. Here is a video. You decide for yourself.

Go to PSX-Scene for more details.


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