Linux Powers 91% Of The World’s Top 500 Fastest Supercomputers

The Top 500 Project lists the 500 fastest supercomputers in the world biannually. They have released this year’s list and in terms of the operating system used it is Linux all the way with more than 90% of the supercomputers running on Linux.

It is not surprising that Linux is generally preferred in supercomputers but the percentage (91%) is surprising.

Hers is a  diagrammatic  representation of the data. The larger boxes represents more powerful systems.

You can view this diagram and others like country-wise breakup , manufature-wise breakup etc in an interactive form at

In case you want the actual numerical breakup of the Operating System Family, here it is:

And here is the Operating System breakdown:

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Ricky Laishram

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    Dear Ricky,

    I have a desktop on which xp pro is running and aToshiba 300 laptop–>which i have dedicated to fedora 12. I chose fedora ,because a close buddy was running it and i thought,he could teach me! Now, he's transferred out and i am left in the lurch! Considering me as an absolute beginner, what would you suggest? Help!

    • For a beginner I would not recommend Fedora. Try Ubuntu or better still Linux Mint. They are much easier to use.

      • DR.Sistla sreedhav

        I had a real bad trip with both UBUNTU Netbook and the Desktop! This has happened once before and i guess UBUNTU &self are mutually incompatible! i took a TEST to checkout which distro suits my Linux abilities!