Linux Mint 8 Helena – RC Release

Linux Mint is the best Linux distro for those switching over from Windows. It is easy to use and has extra GUIs for common tasks.


Mint is a Ubuntu based distro and has a release cycle in sync with that of Ubuntu. Linux Mint 8 – Helena, which is based on Ubuntu 9.10 made an RC release. This latest version of Mint has many new features.

  • With Linux Mint 8, we can create our own custom places like Music, Documents, E-Books, Downloads etc. The places already present include Computer, Trash, Network, Home Folder and alike.
  • Package updates are easier as there is no need to manually refresh the package database. Whenever new packages are available, the user is notified through the Update Manager.
  • The software manager features a multiple selection whereby we can select multiple applications for addition or removal.
  • The Update manager uses Synaptics to refresh the information and shows detailed progress information.
  • The addition to the distribution software list includes an Upload Manager. This Upload Manager sits in the system tray and supports multiple uploads and drag-drop style uploads.
  • ‘Gnome-Do’, which was initially added to make people aware of the project, is not available as one of the per-installed software. Though, it can be added back into the distro.

Mint is a user friendly Linux and is perfect for those who are new to GUI based Linux. It keeps getting better with each release and has gained a wide attention from Linux users. It has moved up Distrowatch rankings fast and is currently ranked #3 in the world.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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  • I finished installing and setting it up earlier today. Loving it :D
    Mint is the best distro :D Accept it now.

    • Depends on what you are doing. If you are using it as a user, it is a good distro but not the best. Remember, mint cannot use all Ubuntu softwares, but Ubuntu can. It happened to you once, remember?

      BTW, see this.

      Xchat: the “Connect” button in the network list reads “C_onnect”.

      Software Manager: If firefox is not open, searching online doesn’t open it.

      Software Manager: Some parts of the interface are semi-transparent under Compiz.

      Software Manager: The .mint file extension is wrongly associated with the Archive Manager.

      Pidgin: pidgin-facebookchat doesn’t work.

      Sometimes mintMenu gets stuck between two categories and keeps switching between one and the other. It’s a known issue which we haven’t managed to fix yet.

      On some computers mintMenu remains open after an item is clicked. Try to disable compiz or to change its focus policy to see if it fixes the problem. Alternatively, try using a different theme or use the Gnome menu instead.”

      Yes, accepted.

      • You listed the known bugs in a product which isnt yet final. Don’t know what you are trying to proove by that. Did you even have a look at the list of known issues with Ubuntu 9.1 final?

        Remember, mint cannot use all Ubuntu softwares, but Ubuntu can. It happened to you once, remember?

        And Mint can run every software that Ubuntu can. In my case the problem was with two conflicting software, which is not Mint’ fault.

        • Mint is the best distro Accept it now.

          !!! Give me a reason.

          In my case the problem was with two conflicting software, which is not Mint’ fault."

          Umm, lemme remember. Aha, I never had that conflict. It was because of Mint, and this time, I remember correctly. I am not trying to prove anything by listing out those errors. They happen to all. Ubuntu 9.10 itself has got bluetooth issues. But guess what, I want to add a package and head over to the package manager, and the thing is so badly broken, adding softwares is a mess. It is because of stupid errors like these that websites like linsux run. Thank you.

          Moreover, that is the reason exactly why I do not see you using the software manager to upgrade your packages. You download them separately and install them one by one! lol, ya until I told you to use dpkg command, lol. And if you give another stupid reason like keeping a backup of packages, I also told you that you can recompile installed packages back into .deb installers, with the same dpkg-repack command. Remember?

          But, you will never stop treating packages as cabbages. So Yes, accepted.