Linux Mint 8 Helena – RC Release

Linux Mint is the best Linux distro for those switching over from Windows. It is easy to use and has extra GUIs for common tasks.


Mint is a Ubuntu based distro and has a release cycle in sync with that of Ubuntu. Linux Mint 8 – Helena, which is based on Ubuntu 9.10 made an RC release. This latest version of Mint has many new features.

  • With Linux Mint 8, we can create our own custom places like Music, Documents, E-Books, Downloads etc. The places already present include Computer, Trash, Network, Home Folder and alike.
  • Package updates are easier as there is no need to manually refresh the package database. Whenever new packages are available, the user is notified through the Update Manager.
  • The software manager features a multiple selection whereby we can select multiple applications for addition or removal.
  • The Update manager uses Synaptics to refresh the information and shows detailed progress information.
  • The addition to the distribution software list includes an Upload Manager. This Upload Manager sits in the system tray and supports multiple uploads and drag-drop style uploads.
  • ‘Gnome-Do’, which was initially added to make people aware of the project, is not available as one of the per-installed software. Though, it can be added back into the distro.

Mint is a user friendly Linux and is perfect for those who are new to GUI based Linux. It keeps getting better with each release and has gained a wide attention from Linux users. It has moved up Distrowatch rankings fast and is currently ranked #3 in the world.

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