Linux Mint 13 Maya Arrives a Week After RC Release

The Linux Mint blog has announced the release of Linux Mint 13 codenamed Maya. Maya saw an RC release just a week ago, and this final release came sooner than expected. There have only been a few minor bug fixes from the RC release.

Linux Mint 13 Maya sports some interesting features. The boot splash screen on Mint 13 has been replaced with a black screen that shows nothing. The Mint ISO image is no longer 700 MB in size, and so it cannot be burned to a CD. However, there is a guide on remastering Linux Mint by removing extra packages and shrinking the ISO size. Mint4Win, the Windows installer for Linux Mint is functional only on the 64-bit ISOs, although it is present on both the 64-bit and the 32-bit version.


Although based on Ubuntu, Linux Mint is competing head on with it and surpasses Ubuntu by a huge margin in Distrowatch page hit ranking. Now, that is not an accurate indicator of who is using which of Linux Mint and Ubuntu but it might be an indicator of the popularity of these Linux distros. Linux Mint is indeed popular.

Linux Mint Maya is available for download from both torrents and HTTP mirrors. All the download links are provided at this page. Existing users can upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint using this guide.

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