Linux Mint 12 Preview Appears After Weeks of Hush-hush Secrecy

Revenue Plans

Linux Mint claims to be the fourth most popular OS in the world and this makes it a potential revenue stream. The Mint team has decided not to include search engines that do not share their revenue and will work with selected search engines, namely, Google, Amazon and eBay.

This will give them a considerable amount of funding. Their reliance has been on donations and sponsorships and the Mint team is looking beyond those revenue streams now.

Great. So, when is the release?

Linux Mint 12 has planned to release the RC version by  November 11 and the final stable version by November 20. However, these are only tentative dates and they mention clearly in their blog that the deadline can be compromised for better quality.

The Linux Mint team says that their Gnome 3 desktop is ready and MATE runs successfully beside Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 11.10. Even though some search engines may not appear in the RC release, they will make it once deals are finalized before the final release of the stable version.

What struck me was the honesty with which the Linux Mint team accepts things. This makes them all the more elegant.

We have been using Gnome 2 since 2006 and regarded by many as the best Gnome desktop available.  With Gnome 3, we want to do the same again and let people decide on the experience they want to get, whether they want a pure Gnome 3 desktop, an MGSE one whether they want to stay with MATE. We are dealing with three brand new technologies, in many ways we are starting from scratch again.

You are awaited Linux Mint 12 Lisa.

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