Linux Mint 10 Julia Release Candidate Released

The release candidate build of Linux Mint 10, codenamed Julia, is out. Linux Mint is an Ubuntu based distro that is noted for its simplicity and polished interface. Julia is based on the recently released Ubuntu 10.10, and introduces some subtle improvements to Mint 9, which saw the addition of a new software manager and an improved update tool.


Possibly the biggest change in Julia is the new default skin. Mint has finally unveiled the metallic theme called Mint-X that was under development for the past several months.

Mint Menu, the signature element of Mint’s interface, has been improved as well. APT has been integrated with the menu and the search function is now aware of the packages installed on your computer, as well as packages available for installation. If the package you are looking for isn’t installed in your system, you can now directly install it from the Mint Menu. Wikipedia and Google search have also been added to the Mint Menu.

Other improvements include an updated software manager and update manager.

[ Download Linux Mint 10 Julia RC – x86 | x64 ]

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