Linux Kernel 3.4 Final Version Released

Linus Torvalds has done a great job maintaining the Linux Kernel and pushing out one version after another. This Sunday, the Linux Kernel saw another version upgrade, and stands at version 3.4 currently. Linus Torvalds calls the 3.4 release a “calm” one, as there were lesser roadblocks in this transition. After the delay in the release of Linux Kernel 3.3, this timely release makes Linus happy as he says,linux-kernel

I just pushed out the 3.4 release.

Nothing really exciting happened since -rc7, although the workaround for a linker bug on x86 is larger than I’d have liked at this stage, and sticks out like a sore thumb in the diffstat. That said, it’s not like even that patch was really all that scary.

In fact, I think the 3.4 release cycle as a whole has been fairly calm. Sure, I always wish for the -rc’s to calm down more quickly than they ever seem to do, but I think on the whole we didn’t have any big disruptive events, which is just how I like it. Let’s hope the 3.5 merge window is a calm one too.

This latest release of the Linux kernel focuses mainly on the Btrfs file system and includes data recovery tools, better error handling and vast performance improvements. On the GPU side of the story, support for many new Intel, NVidia GeForce and ATI Radeon HD graphics cards were added to the latest kernel. Other than these, the latest Linux kernel also improves memory management and virtualization performance.

The next version of Linux Kernel, version 3.5 will focus primarily on the growing hardware world, and thus improve graphics performance. Additionally, it will also include support for the 22nm Haswell architecture, slated for release in early 2013.

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