Linux Kernel 3.3 Released with Merge of Kernel Code from Android

The Linux Kernel has reached version 3.3 recently. The latest release of the Linux kernel includes multiple feature improvements and some major changes. The most awaited change in this new kernel is the inclusion of Android kernel code in the Linux kernel. The inclusion of Android kernel marks the first step towards a unified Android and Linux kernel, making it possible for future devices to run a mix of both. While the inclusion of Android kernel code made big news, there were other equally remarkable behind the scene changes in this release.

Like every time, Linux Torvalds announced the availability of the latest kernel release on The release was pushed ahead by a week because of the surprise RC7 release last week. The RC7 was an unplanned release and Linus explained it, saying

I had been hoping that -rc6 would be the last -RC, but no such luck. Things just haven’t calmed down sufficiently for me to feel comfy doing a final 3.3 release without another -rc, so here we are: 3.3-rc7 is out.

With the latest version of Linux kernel, things are finally looking good for the btrfs file system.  In addition, GCC has been updated to include the TI C6 architecture and as always, there are new drivers and bug fixes.

The next version 3.4 of the Linux kernel will sport better power management for the Android code in kernel, which is a mess right now. Moreover, it will also improve upon Sandy Bridge performance.

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