Linux Kernel 2.6.31 RC Released

Linus Torvalds, the man behind Linux has announced the release of the last RC version of the next Linux kernel. The kernel 2.6.31-RC-8 has included minor fixes and is really for a full release. After a complete eight series RC releases over weeks and days, the final RC has included many fixes and features to be seen in the kernel’s final release. Some of these features are :

Inclusion of a performance counter subsystem

This  feature would let us read performance details of the CPU, like the number of CPU instructions executed, the number of cache misses etc. The support is currently available for only Intel core2 microarchitecture CPUs. A demo application using the new feature is also included.

Better support for ATI GPUs

Better support for ATI GPUs will be available with the new ATI Kernel Mode Setting Driver. This driver is integrated into the kernel, and has improved a lot from the time of it’s inclusion in the RC-5. With these new features going right into the kernel, it means that we can have them on all Linux based distros. The release is due on the 7th of September until any further change of plans.

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