Linux – Ignorance So Not Bliss

Linux has finally captured 1% of the worldwide PCs. But what are the rest of the 99% doing. Do they dual boot or do they at all know a thing about Linux, let aside using it!

Being a student, you are always around people from related interest groups. So I am usually on the safe side. But sometimes, some of the questions people ask need a good amount of effort on my part to “not laugh out”.

Linux Fear
Linux Fear

Here are some of the n00b questions/statements I had to face about Linux, and simple answers to them.

1. “Where do I install the software?”

Linux is not just a software. It is one whole operating System. So you install it in a partition just like you install windows.

2. “Can I run windows with Linux?”

Absolutely yes, there is no problem with dual booting windows with Linux.

3. “Where do i get softwares for Linux?”

Every distribution of Linux has a repository for it’s softwares from where you can download it or install it directly.

4. Does Linux have a GUI?

Yes, Linux has a beautiful GUI with compiz which is one really powerful window manager. It is not “completely command line oriented”.

5. How do I know if a particular Linux distribution is for me or not?

Firstly, you can try out Linux even before using it. Linux has brought about this concept of Live CDs with which the OS can be tried out without installation.

6.I installed Linux yesterday, but I did not like it. How do i remove it now?

All you need to do is format the Linux partition, and from the recovery console of your windows disk, key in “fixboot” and “fixmbr”. Your boot menu should be back.

7.I formatted the linux partition yesterday, and now my computer wont’ boot. What now?

See last answer.

8. I need a PC for home usage. Linux is not for me.

Well, even if you are a home PC user, just use Linux in your own way, and it is for you. All softwares are free. There are no annoying activations and trial license issues.

9.What about viruses? People say Linux has none!

No, that is not true. Linux has viruses, but they getting into your system has a 1/1000 chance of every virus getting into a windows system. What say!

10. Where do I buy it?

Once again, it is totally free. There is no “Buying” with Linux. And those who buy some distros( RedHat, Suse, Solaris) know enough not to read this article. Canonicals has a system of distributing free copies of Linux. Order yours anytime.

Do you also know, Linux does not need any extra drivers, can be modified and recompiled by programmers to run on almost anything, and has a large community of developers working on it on the concept model of Open Source Software.

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  • are you using linux? hows it comparing to windows?

  • Andrew

    Compiz is not a window manager. Gnome, KDE and so on are window managers…

  • @Andrew, Compiz is pretty much a window manager.
    Gnome and KDE are actually desktop environments, consisting of a window manager and much more.
    The window manager runs inside the desktop environment, just like we have DWM running inside the windows envitonment for windows7.

  • @Glass Beads, Yes, i use Linux. I have bot Windows and Linux on my workstation.
    Linux is a really smooth OS. You can fully customize it, tweak it and redesign it to your needs both in matters of speed and looks. And you do not need to be a geek to use linux. It is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and you get tutorials and help for everything. Ubuntu forums is one great place for troubleshooting help. Feel free to ask if you want to switch over to linux.

  • Can Linux really be compared to windows ? I feel Linux and windows are two different dimensions may be with some common features in particular fields.