Broadcasts the Linux Kernel to the World is broadcasting the Linux Kernel to the world through online radio. It uses the open source text-to-speech engine eSpeak to translate the latest stable version of the Linux Kernel into voice.

The website loads a random file from the code each time you load it and reads out its source. A note at the end of the website says it is dedicated to the supernerd of the modern age, Dr. Sheldon Cooper who is the prime attraction in the popular  BBC  CBS sitcom- The Big Bang Theory.

The frontpage of the website says,

There are currently 111011 (base 2) tunes in our database and we are working to add more. A new source file is selected randomly each time you load this page : remember, if you can’t get enough, you can always open Linux Radio in two or more different browser tabs… Use the Source, Luke!

The voice on the software is extremely robotic and annoying and the project is just a time-waster. Have fun.

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