Linux Drop Down Terminals

Linux has a cool list of applications. Today, I will talk about the most widely used application, the terminal. The terminal is always required whenever we move out of the premises of inbuilt applications and installed softwares. These three terminals have one thing in common. They can be launched with a single click, and they fly-roll out of the top panel just like in Quake, or UT.


Faster Firefox
Faster Firefox

Tilda is a terminal which comes up on a special keystroke. It is one of those game type console screens with no border and a “roll out from top” startup. At just 300 KB it is a really cool geek-terminal resting on your desktop. Tilda can be customized for a transparent background also. It has support for tabs as well.

For more information on tilda Visit their Tilda project page at SourceForge.


Faster Firefox
Faster Firefox

Guake is another drop down terminal much like Tilda. One good thing about Guake is that it has been bundled for a number of Linux distros, so there are more chances of it running for your distro. Guake homepage.


Faster Firefox
Faster Firefox

Yakuake is a real game style terminal with the actual roll-out effect found in games. the scrolling is smooth and it supports a tabbed interface as well. Yakuake is available for KDE only. For more information and dowlnoad, visit Yakuake homepage.

Well, so now that you have the list,let me know which of those you are planing to use. Tilda is my first choice though.

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