2010 Opens Today

The ¬† 2010 has opened today at Wellington, New Zealand. Today’s event was attended by a number of people and is a gathering of free and open source software enthusiasts from around the world. The LCA event of 2010 has attracted a wide audience of 700 people, mainly from New Zealand(over 40%), Australia(another 40%) and the rest of the world.

A remarkable improvement at this conference is seen as a rise in the number of women at the conference. Around 15% of the people attending the conference are all women with 26 of them speaking at the event running over a week.

The topics of discussion include technical issues, government issues, business issues and is diverse and rich in content. It is also attended by delegates who can choose to hear on topics of special interest. As always, all sessions are available for free as live streaming videos on the conference schedule page. The streaming can be found at this LCA page. The event has some good keynote speakers to start with and also focuses on the social aspect of the event. To do just that, it has a special Delegates Networking Session. Other off-track activities like yoga sessions, tweet-ups and photography competitions are also included.

More information is available at the official LCA 2010 page.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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