Linus Torvalds is the Most Influential Open Source Voice After Tim O’Reilly

According to a new study at Infoworld, Linus Torvalds is the most influential Open Source Blogger. The ranking system places Tim O’Reilly, Linus Torvalds, Google’s Chris Messina, Jonathan Schwartz and Gnome and Mono founder Miguel de Icaza in order of their popularity. Linus Torvalds although named second is actually the most influential Open Source blogger and his opinions are held in high regards.

The ranking system considers several factors including Google and Twitter trends.

Tim O’Reilly has a 1.4 million twitter followers and tweets regularly though Linus Torvalds updated his blog last on the 24th of February. Moreover, Linus Torvalds blogs mostly on personal activities and only seldom writes posts that reflect his views and ideas.

Infoworld throws more lights on this saying,

Open source collaboration vendor MindTouch is releasing the ranking Wednesday in conjunction with the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco. The vendor came up with a top 50 list after grading about 200 open source commentators on how much buzz is created by their blog posts, tweets and other messages.

The world of Open Source is moved by these people and everything they say goes into the bible of Open Source. The ranking will help recognize those who are doing good to the community. As for the ranks themselves, each of these personalities from the Open Source world are valuable in their own way. The ranks are in no way indicative of their authority over each other.

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