Linagora Acquires Mandriva

Mandriva, the Linux distro and the company behind this distro are both up for sale as confirmed by one of the potential buyers. Mandriva is a French company with a Linux distro by the same name. This announcement was made on the French Mandriva portal.

Mandriva is a merger of the Mandrake and the Conectiva  distro. Though, it seems like the company is in heavy losses and cannot hold up anymore. Mandriva is also well knows for filing a  bankruptcy  protection earlier. This time though, it is simply giving up for good.

Mandriva is said to have decided on this a month ago and is looking for potential buyers ever since. A potential buyer includes Linagora, which is a French open-source company. Lingaroa has also confirmed that it is going to acquire Mandriva and they have already started moving Mandriva assets.

Mandriva has been a very popular Linux distro and has gathered a strong following. Once this acquisition completes, Linagora should assure Mandriva users with a continued support and development.

(Via: Unixmen)

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  • Hickson Hacie

    This is good news if Linagora buys Mandriva.

    The survival of Mandriva is important not because of their distro (which has the best KDE version) but because of their business model.

    They are a real company that is traded on the stock market so the hope is if they can survive and make money as a non-server distro that would be a possible way for other distros.

    FOr all the hype of Ubuntu, its media visibility was huge when flyboy came down from space and decided to start himself a distro. It is not a business model that others can emulate unless you have a sugar daddy to pay the bills..

    That's why I think Mandriva is more important to other distros.