Lightworks: Academy And Emmy Award Winner Software Goes Open-source [Linux Software]

Academy ® and Emmy ® award-winning video editing software Lightworks has gone Open Source. The non-linear video editing software has been released as a platform and offers support for user-developed plugins. This also allows developers to sell the plugins they have created. Lightworks has a centralized marketplace to manage this.

Lightworks supports resolution and codec independent editing of videos. It also supports live video editing and has many effects to choose from.

Apparently, Editshare did not create Lightworks but just acquired it.  EditShare writes on the open-sourcing at its official blog saying,

EditShare ®, the technology leader in cross-platform collaborative editing and shared media storage, unveiled plans for the newly acquired Lightworks solution at the NAB 2010 exhibition on opening day. The company has transformed the time-honored editing solution into Lightworks Open Source, the industry’s first open-source development initiative for a large-scale, non-linear editing (NLE) platform. A departure from standard 3rd-party developer programs that limit access, the Lightworks Open Source platform offers an unprecedented gateway into the NLE’s core engine, enabling a wide-range of creative developers to implement forward-thinking features and workflows.

The  announcement  has just been made and it will be another two to three months before the software is available for free download.

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