Lightspark, an Open Source Flash Alternative gets more Browser Friendly

Lightspark is an excellent Open Source Flash video player with support for the latest technologies in Flash. It supports ActionScript 3.0 and hardware accelerated graphics rendering based on OpenGL.

Lightspark has released the latest version 0.4.2. However, apart from regular flash playback, the reason to use this plugin can be numerous. To start with, the plugin is new and open source and will not gain wide acceptance and usage for a long time. This keeps it safe from the vulnerabilities Adobe flash runs into continuously. Moreover, the plugin has allowed real usage by releasing a Firefox plugin, which can make Lightspark the flash player on Mozilla. Apart from that, the Lightspark also supports the out-of-process feature Mozilla added for its plugins.

The official blog  reports this release saying,

More than a year has passed since the beginning of the Lightspark project. It was a long time indeed, but not wasted. I’m extremely pleased with the current level of support and the robust ness of the system.

With Lightspark, there is something for everyone. It has excellent debugging information on display and this can come in handy for developers who are targeting this platform.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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