Lifehacker Ubuntu Wishlist almost comes True

LifeHacker recently published a Ubuntu wish list. The list includes features LifeHacker wanted to see in the next release of Ubuntu.

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This wish list includes

  1. A new look for the Software Source, and a better user interaction providing ample details, possibly wikis of all packages and softwares available from the software sources, provided the confusion with so many softwares, and most first timers usually installing the softwares with the highest star ratings.
  2. Support for dual booting Windows and Linux, given most people start their PC journey with a Windows powered PC, and then move to Linux later. This would make them stay on both, will be a strategic move.
  3. Clean user friendly and far from the conventional just another UI look.
  4. A cloud based backup system.
  5. A good Video Editor. There are very few good Video editing softwares, like KDENlive, but better ones are missing.

Very interestingly, the Ubuntu community has responded to this wish list positively.

  1. The Ubuntu software store as discussed earlier, has been the response to the first wish.
  2. As far as the boot-up and virtualization support is concerned, the support can be easily added, but another remarkable development is the betterment of the boot sequence and the boot-up time.
  3. The UI is being reinvigorated with the new Ayatana Project.
  4. The Alpha 5 of Ubuntu 9.1 is shipping with Ubuntu one which adds cloud support to Ubuntu.
  5. PiTiVi is a good video editing software available for Gnome. KDENlive is also developing really fast. We can hope to see them at par with many professional video editing softwares in near future.

Sources for all this information is Jono’s Blog.

You can also check out the LifeHacker wish list.

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