The Case Of LibreOffice And CD Space Restriction At UDS-O

Last week, we talked about the constrain of the CD size and the need for Ubuntu to move to a DVD ISO. Well, today at the Default Apps Discussion, something happened which further supports the need to move to a DVD image.

As usual, the disk space is a big constrain for Ubuntu 11.10. Before any new applications or packages are approved, the council has to make sure that there is enough free space to put them. The way to get free space generally is to drop applications and packages that are no longer in use – like PiTiVi and Computer Janitor that had been dropped from Ubuntu 11.10.

Believe it or not, one of the application that was brought up for removal during the Default Apps Discussion was none other the LibreOffice. Yes, LibreOffice the office applications suite. The rationale behind it was that removing LibreOffice will free up some serious disk space (around 60MB) and “we aren’t office workers”. It was suggested that a desktop file that offers to download and install LibreOffice after the OS installation be included.

It is just amazing that there was even a discussion on removing applications as important as LibreOffice just because of the CD space constrain. Common sense, however, prevailed and it was decided that LibreOffice will be kept as a default application in Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot”.

This further strengthens the call for Ubuntu to leave the CD image and switch over to a DVD image as soon as possible. While it might be possible for a lot of people to install new applications; in many places where Ubuntu is trying to get a foot hold, proper internet connections are not available to install all the applications needed. Besides, the default applications are what almost all the new users will use.

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