Khronos Group Releases OpenGL 4.1 with claims of it being better than Direct3D 11

Back in March, when Khronos released OpenGL 4.0, it was a hit and was presumed to be a DirectX 11 killer. I covered the release of OpenGL 4.0 and wrote,

This new version of OpenGL introduces a better support for GPU and an advanced tessalation, which breaks a model into smaller patches or surfaces for better handling and rendering. The OpenGL standard, when adapted to the version 4.0, is presumed to match the qualities of that of DirectX 11, which is the current dominant API for Windows graphics.


With the release of OpenGL 4.1, Khronos claims that it has surpassed the features of Microsoft’s Direct 3D. OpenGL 4.1 has better error handling and debugging. OpenGL 4.0 needed the Shader program to be compiled at runtime each time a program runs. This can cause significant initialization delay. However, with OpenGL 4.1, the compiled code can be cached for later reuse. The same improvements are present in WebGL, which will make for improved security in web browsing. The debugging features can help developers trace the behavior of any exploit. Further, Microsoft currently does not have any alternative to WebGL and this can make it the standalone champion in this field. (Source)

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  • Joe

    My experience as a 3d animator,

    Opengl is buggy……buggy…..bugy!

    Here’s a comprehensive list:

    – Crashes the software I use to work with;
    – Throws screen errors with what appears to be blobs of geometry floating around like corrupt textures you would find on a dyeing GPU;
    – Switching to DX or even software rendering magically fixes the problems as if the stuff never happened;
    – Looks like crap on screen when you hit the mark of over 100k to a million poly count;
    – Creating sophisticated objects on screens slows this horse down to nil, the whole idea of working in 3d gets reduced to a pile of horse shit;

    Seriously though I have a hard time believing how a programmer can use or work with GL it is full of flaws, I’m not saying whats what I am simply pointing out my experience with it. Maybe its different for programmers I don’t know. Sure as hell isn’t good for 3d animation.