KeePassX: Open Source Password Manager

I am a big fan of password managers. They make work easier and my personal favorite is LastPass. But, I recently came across this open source application KeePassX which fares quite well compared to LastPass. Licensed under the GPL, KeePassX is free and Open Source. Even more than that, the application is cross platform and works for almost all Operating Systems.


Some of the advantages of using KeePassX are:

Cross platform and Open Source:

Cross platform nature of the application gives us options to move the database and application files and settings between different operating systems. As the application itself is cross OS, the databases are too.

Grouping and symbols:

Accounts of the same type can be grouped and assigned a symbol each. This helps us organize our content and work more efficiently.

Workspace locks:

This protects your secure data and prevents people from accessing the data.

Copy username/password to clipboard:

This feature allows copy pasting links, usernames and passwords with a single button click. This saves a lot of time.

The Password Generator:

The password generator really amazed me. It has an entropy calculator which is used to generate all passwords. The password character set to be used can be completely customized.

This application totally beats LastPass, until you need to launch an URL from the passwords vault page itself. In spite of having so many features, KeePassX performs better than the LastPass application and is extremely smooth in operation. Use KeePassX and you will never regret it.

Techie Buzz Verdict

KeePassX is a revolutionary application. With it’s cross OS capabilities, it has a lot of potential. The KeePassX password generator is very handy and geeky. I could have safely switched to KeePassX if it had a Firefox extension like Lastpass. Otherwise, KeePassX completely rocks.

Techie Buzz Rating:  4/5( Good)

For a complete page of KeePassX downloads for various operating systems, visit here.

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