KDE 4.5 Available For Windows Users

The KDE Windows Team has released Windows packages for KDE 4.5.4. The aim of the Windows packages for KDE is to lower the barrier of contribution to development and community participation by making Windows users familiar with one of the most popular desktop environment used in Linux.

The current release of KDE for Windows brings all the goodness of KDE SC 4.5, the bug fixes from the point releases upto KDE SC 4.5.4 and the latest version of Phonon-VLC backend.

KDE for Windows comes with most of the software you would expect in a normal KDE environment. It will allow the users to use the KDE workspace, kdeedu, kdegames, kdegraphics, kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, kdesdk, kdetoys and kdeutils. In addition to these, applications from extragrear such as Amarok, digiKam, Konversation etc. are also installed.

KDE on Windows can be installed using KDEWin Installer. It is a network based installer, so you will need an internet connection during the installation.

Before you install keep in mind that this is not a stable release and should only be used in non-production machines. Moreover, there are also some problems running it in with 64-bit Windows.

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Ricky Laishram

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