KDE 4.3.3 Release and Download

KDE 4.3.3 was released yesterday with many bug fixes and improvements on the GUI. This was the third maintenance version of the KDE desktop environment.


[ Image via geekitalia.netsons.org as evident from the image itself!]

Precompiled packages are available for Fedora, Kubuntu, Gentoo and Mandriva at the official info page here. You can also compile the package for your distro by downloading the source from the same site give above.

Existing Ubuntu users can switch to the Kubuntu environment by installing KDE from the Kubuntu PPA

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu karmic main

The latest maintenance version includes major fixes for  Dolphin, Konqueror, KWin Ocular, KGpg and many more applications.

KDE has improved a lot from the initial buggy versions. The UI has improved considerably and its looks are comparable to that of Windows 7, maybe better.

The effects in KDE 4.3.3 render smoother than before and makes KDE the most visually appealing desktop environment.

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