Jolicloud Releases Pre-beta Netbook OS With Windows Installer

Jolicloud, one of the perfect operating system for Netbooks has announced a pre-beta version of their OS to the public. The latest version of Jolicloud is compatible with 98% of the netbooks available on the market, thanks to the new support for GMA500 Chipset.


The latest release of Jolicloud includes a native Windows installer called Jolicloud Express, which will allow users to install Jolicloud on Windows based netbooks. In addition to that, it also includes a new UI and an update on the Kernel. Jolicloud uses the most advanced Linux Kernel version 2.6.32.


If you love cloud based OS, you will love Jolicloud. And as far as we can tell you it is much more advanced than , the operating system that Google will release next year.

If you have a netbook, Jolicloud is the one you should definitely install and try out.

3 thoughts on “Jolicloud Releases Pre-beta Netbook OS With Windows Installer”

      1. Hey Keith, Thanks for the Reply.

        I've been using the Alpha, I've also logged in and it's still the Robby version that is available for download. I'm just really excited for the Jolicloud Express so I can have it running on my Win7 netbook without a partition.

        I read on their site that they plan on releasing it in January at CES.

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