Jolicloud : Netbook OS with Cloud Support

Netbooks are no more seen as downgraded laptops. Nowadays, they are seen as platforms for development and advanced usages of dedicated applications. That is the exact reason that major companies like HP, Acer and Lenovo are all going gaga on netbooks and all developers are going gaga on developing an OS for netbooks.


Now, we all know that the best OS, which can be scalably deployed on any architecture and platform is Linux, so there it is. Their correct first choice. Thanks to these developments, now we have an array of netbook OS, all Linux based and all needing apps and softwares of their own. Jolicloud is a netbook OS with two important ideologies :

  1. Open Source
  2. Open Web

Jolicloud has bluetooth and 3G modem support out of the box. It also claims support for windows applications and has adobe AIR integrated into it. Compaq, HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo and Asus have all been tested with the OS and works like a breeze.

The new netbook OS looks quite prospective and we hope to hear more from it in future.

In that time, you can test the alpha version.

Visit the Jolicloud homepage for more info.

One thought on “Jolicloud : Netbook OS with Cloud Support”

  1. Free linux based operating systems reeally appeal to me. Not having to pay for an operating system will automatically reduce the purchasing cost of a netbook even further, making the barrier to entry so much lower.

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