Installing KDE 4.4 in Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora And ArchLinux

Few days ago, the KDE team had announced the release of KDE 4.4. We, at Techie-Buzz had taken you on a screenshot tour of KDE 4.4. Now, if that has piqued your interest to explore KDE 4.4, let’s have a look on how you can install KDE 4.4 on some popular Linux distributions.

KDE 4.4

Installing KDE 4.4 in openSUSE

openSUSE’s 1-click install and openSUSE build system makes it one of the easiest methods of installing KDE 4.4 ( or for that matter, any software). Head over to KDE 4 page of openSUSE wiki, and select the 1-click install link on the version of openSUSE that you have. For those extra lazy ones out there ( I’m one of those ;) ) here are the links:

Installing KDE 4.4 in Ubuntu/Kubuntu

To install KDE 4.4 in Kubuntu, first add the PPA by opening the Terminal and typing

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa

If you’re using Ubuntu, add the backports PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports

Next, update the repositories to reflect the newly added PPA by typing

sudo apt-get update

Finally, if you’re using Kubuntu, perform the update to KDE 4.4 by typing

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If you’re using Ubuntu, then install the kubuntu-desktop package to install KDE 4.4

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

Installing KDE 4.4 in ArchLinux

ArchLinux users can install/update to KDE 4.4 using pacman – the awesome package manager.

Installing KDE:

pacman -Sy kde

Upgrading to KDE 4.4:

pacman -Syu

Installing KDE 4.4 in Fedora 12

Fedora users will have to add repo file provided by KDE Packaging project to proceed with the installation. Download the repo file, save it in /etc/yum.repos.d directory.

Next, launch KPackageKit, head over to settings and enable kde and kde-testing repository. Once this is done, launch the terminal, switch over to root by typing

su root

Then, proceed with update by typing

yum groupupdate kde-desktop

Enjoy your KDE 4.4 install!

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  • rickpref

    Quick correction on the Ubuntu/Kubuntu section:

    You are not adding "ppa:kubuntu-ppa"

    You need to add "ppa:kunbuntu-ppa/backports"

    After that you can follow your steps except for the typo:

    You have "dist-uprade" needs to be "dist-upgrade" with a "g"

    These things happen when you have had a few rum and cokes…Either way, nice of you to make this page!

    • Oops, my bad! Fixed, thanks for letting me know!

    • Peter Julian

      —-You need to add “ppa:kunbuntu-ppa/backports” —– not kunbuntu…its kubuntu :)) seems that you had few rum :)

      • Hehe!

        • rickpref

          That I did…what do you think I was doing when I wrote my first comment!

  • maddy

    Plz give direct download link and instaling method for Linux mint 8 helena.
    I need direct download link coz I don't have a fast connection at home, so I'll download it elsewhere and install at home.

  • Rex Dieter

    Fedora KDE-4.4.0 updates are now in it's usual updates repositories. No need to do anything special to get it, anymore.

    • Thanks for the update, Rex :)