IIS Web Server Share at an All-time Low, Nginx Rises, Apache Rules

Apache has been the predominant web-server since the early days of the internet. It has remained so for years and there is no doubt that it will remain so for years to come. The second most popular web-server no doubt is  Microsoft’s IIS. It is quite popular and is a necessity if you are using Microsoft technologies to develop web-applications.

Around three years back, IIS was catching up and for a moment, it looked like Apache was losing ground. However, since 2007, Apache has been on a constant rise and has captured 65% of the web-server market today. This comes as a surprise, since Microsoft has worked extensively towards pushing its web technologies. ASP.NET and Silverlight are impressive enough. In spite of this, the current market share of IIS stands at 16%. This is a deva-vu from 1997 when IIS had exactly this much of share in the web-server market.


The dip can be attributed to the fact that the IIS web-server runs only on a Windows environment. Moreover, a huge array of open-source software like Linux, BIND, and FreeBSD are popular on the web-server. On the contrary, IIS has no such supporting technology.  A holistic view of the current situation shows a dark future for Microsoft web-technologies.

Other than the obvious dip in IIS share and the dominant rise in Apache share, some other interesting results appear in the above graph. We see a period from June 2009 to December 2009 when both Apache and IIS registered a dip and there was a remarkable rise in unconventional web-servers.

Interestingly, the second most popular open-source web-server, Nginx has registered a continuous rise in market share since 2008. It is indeed sad to see how the once dominant Sun server disappears in this graph.

(Via: Pingdom, Source: Netcraft)

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